SILICON VALLEY the Way I Saw It (Hardcover)

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SILICON VALLEY the Way I Saw It (Hardcover)


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SILICON VALLEY: Northern California's hub of technology is where the birth of the integrated circuit, or the "chip," took place. The Author, John East witnessed and participated in the process. From the creative engineering incubator at Fairchild, those innovators spread throughout the Santa Clara Valley. What followed would change the world forever while turning a sleepy farming community into the world's foremost technological center.

From this insider's view, we see the personalities, politics and innovation that made Silicon Valley what it is today. John East saw it all, and reveals it in this authentically penned memoir with pictures and antidotes from one of the engineers that contributed to the industry that gave us computers, smart phones and social media. Mr. East's folksy humor, blended with his engineering mind, unveils this fascinating story of the integrated circuit. Meet the people that changed the way we communicate and work and entertain ourselves.

The bonus from this reading is that the reader gets the wisdom and insight into the "How to do it right" culture of Silicon Valley's Tech industry.

Product Details ISBN: 9780578831343
ISBN-10: 0578831341
Publisher: Qiworks Press
Publication Date: May 17th, 2021
Pages: 342
Language: English