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Like the Singing Coming off the Drums: Love Poems (Bluestreak #7)

Like the Singing Coming off the Drums: Love Poems (Bluestreak #7)

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Publication Date: January 1st, 1999
Beacon Press


A dazzling exploration of the intimate and public landscapes of passion from the American Poetry Society's 2018 Wallace Stevens Award–winner. 

In haiku, tanka, and sensual blues, Sonia Sanchez writes of the many forms love takes: burning, dreamy, disappointed, vulnerable. With words that revel and reveal, she shares love's painful beauty.

About the Author

Sonia Sanchez is poet, activist, scholar, and formerly the Laura Carnell Professor of English and Women's Studies at Temple University, and is currently a poet-in-residence there. Her numerous honors include the American Poetry Society's 2018 Wallace Stevens Award. she is the author of sixteen books, including Like the Singing Coming off the Drums, Does Your House Have Lions?Wounded in the House of a FriendShake Loose My Skin, and Morning Haiku.

Praise for Like the Singing Coming off the Drums: Love Poems (Bluestreak #7)

Praise for Sonia Sanchez:

"Sonia Sanchez is a lion in literature's forest." -Maya Angelou

"With an unblinking and critical poet's eye, Sonia Sanchez has been setting her readers straight, telling the 'terrible beauty,' and reflecting images in ways that simultaneously solicit tears and laughter." -Juanita Johnson-Bailey, Ms.

"[Sanchez] looks deeply into that most dangerous of places--the heart." -Quarterly Black Review