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Thousand Pieces of Gold

Thousand Pieces of Gold

Current price: $17.00
Publication Date: August 25th, 2004
Beacon Press (MA)


Lalu Nathoy's father called his thirteen-year-old daughter his treasure, his "thousand pieces of gold," yet when famine strikes northern China in 1871, he is forced to sell her. Polly, as Lalu is later called, is sold to a brothel, sold again to a slave merchant bound for America, auctioned to a saloonkeeper, and offered as a prize in a poker game. This biographical novel is the extraordinary story of one woman's fight for independence and dignity in the American West.

About the Author

Ruthanne Lum McCunn, a Eurasian author, writes about the Chinese on both sides of the Pacific. Her award-winning books include "The Moon Pearl, Wooden Fish Songs, " and "Sole Survivor." McCunn's work has been translated into nine languages and published in sixteen countries. She lives in San Francisco, California.

Praise for Thousand Pieces of Gold

[A] story of struggle and survival as a woman-and slave-in China and the American West . . . Fast-paced and entertaining-packed with adventure, drama, and inspiration. --Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston, San Francisco Chronicle

"From Shanghai to San Francisco, Lalu Nathoy's courageous journey is an important contribution to the history of pioneer women."--Ms. Magazine

"This biographical novel has plenty of suspense and a strong story line. Reading it is a liberal education in one phase of pioneer life in the West."--Lucille McDonald, Seattle Times

"A valuable book that gives Chinese Americans another true heroine."--Maxine Hong Kingston

"Ruthanne Lum McCunn has woven an enthralling work of fiction from the true-life story of Lalu Nathoy."--Elena Brunet, Los Angeles Times