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The Expert Expert: The Path to Prosperity and Prominence as an Expert Witness

The Expert Expert: The Path to Prosperity and Prominence as an Expert Witness

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Publication Date: February 8th, 2013
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Experts occupy a unique position in the litigation process. The law and the courts give them automatic authority and credibility at the outset. But the greatest challenge for experts as they navigate the court process is to preserve that high level of credibility going forward. In The Expert Expert, author Douglas L. Field presents detailed information to help an expert professional become an effective witness-and keep intact one's reputation as a capable and credible expert witness.

Geared toward physicians, architects, accountants, engineers, and many other professionals, The Expert Expert contains a comprehensive discussion of all aspects of professional expert witness practice-from the history of experts in court to current practices. It discusses how to

- understand the anatomy of a tort case;

- write a good expert report;

- contend with contention;

- deal with the opposing attorneys' questions;

- give a good deposition;

- succeed at trails;

- avoid common pitfalls;

- ensure getting selected;

- deal effectively with social media; and

- handle financial and money issues.

Including helpful and meaningful illustrations, The Expert Expert offers everything that either the veteran or aspiring expert needs to attain and maintain success as a professional expert witness.