The Extinction of Black Teachers: My Memoirs (Paperback)

The Extinction of Black Teachers: My Memoirs By Vanessa C. Wilson Cover Image

The Extinction of Black Teachers: My Memoirs (Paperback)


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Written based upon my personal experiences as an African American Woman in education for almost thirty years. A lot of my stories will be told from a humorous perspective, because if nothing else, I have learned that in this profession you must learn to laugh at yourself and it will drown out the laughter of everyone else around you. So, remember as you are reading, I am not politically correct; I'm just keeping it real.

I often wonder if the word accountability only became popular in education just to point another finger at black educators. If we are not careful it makes us feel threatened, as if there is something else that we can do besides teach. How many things have the educational system made us accountable for that are now critical issues created by their own failures to equally support and fund education in all areas? Two of the most frustrating things that teachers in primary education are held accountable for are student test scores and student discipline problems.

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Publication Date: December 17th, 2018
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