The Stress Book: Forty-Plus Ways to Manage Stress & Enjoy Your Life (Hardcover)

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The Stress Book: Forty-Plus Ways to Manage Stress & Enjoy Your Life (Hardcover)


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Independent Press Award 2022 Winner - Non-fiction, Self-help

Reader Views Literary Awards 2021-2022 Winner - Non-fiction, Self-help


"A self-help book that offers a multipronged approach to stress management...

A tone of professional, tough love is prevalent throughout this well-presented work, as Foster refreshingly returns often to the idea of recognizing and addressing problems before they grow into situations that may be harder to manage; ....Many readers will find such common-sense, practical wisdom to be invaluable.

A highly readable and cleareyed guide to tackling daily anxieties." Kirkus Reviews.

"Well-written and easy to follow, this book will be able to reach a broad audience and help eliminate stress for many readers. Providing the basics of stress processes in the first section, the author has kept themes simple and accessible, followed by a deeper dive into the physical and mental reactions to stress and how to cope.

The organization and straightforward approach to the subject will undoubtedly enlighten and ease the stress of many readers." BookLife Prize - 2021.


Are you or someone you know and honestly care about experiencing so much stress in life that it is so overwhelming? And maybe, the feeling that life is over seems inevitable? Or are you or that person trying desperately to avoid that condition? Well, look no further

This best-selling awards-winning book takes a comprehensive approach to stress management & prevention and how modifying our lifestyles and taking practical steps can significantly reduce the stress level we are experiencing.

More than forty approaches to stress reduction, management, and prevention are covered in this book, giving you practical guidance applicable to most lives' issues and circumstances.

This book will help people struggling with challenging situations. For example, those who work in stressful jobs are involved in difficult personal or toxic relationships. In addition, it will help those with self-destructive behavior, self-doubt, difficulty making intentional decisions, and many other challenging situations. And more importantly, it helps people from getting involved in these and other difficult situations and therefore prevents or reduces stress before it is manifested.

New Concepts: This book also provides you with many opportunities to simplify the management and prevention of stress by using a new acronym: S.T.R.E.S.S, that allows incorporating any of the forty-plus actions. These actions have been newly categorized into three main groups called Physical Actions, Mental Actions, and Community Actions. This approach will streamline, modify, and enhance treatment and prevention of stress outcomes when applied appropriately. In addition, you are provided with practical ideas, solutions, or options that, when also used, are also likely to result in the reduction or prevention of your stress.

You will also be introduced to a "new relationships (particularly toxic ones ) mental disorder called Abstract Kidnapping Disorder - A.K.D." This is associated with the termination of relationships.

This book is intended to significantly improve people's lives at any level of society who may be experiencing stress in their personal, business, or professional lives. I trust that it will make a difference in yours.

Thank you for taking the journey to improve stress in your life and for reading this book.

Product Details ISBN: 9781737519232
ISBN-10: 1737519232
Publisher: Global Health & Consortium
Publication Date: September 28th, 2021
Pages: 294
Language: English