Bound to Bigfoot (Paperback)

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Bound to Bigfoot (Paperback)


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What if Bigfoot are shifters? Living as humans most the time, as shifters they could change to Bigfoot when they wanted, needed, to hunt. That might explain why they're so elusive.

Ali's mother died just months before, she never knew her father, and she is placed with the Patton's, a young but loving couple who were willing to take a nearly 18-year-old teenager into their home, and on their annual camping trip.

Curious and independent, Ali decides to explore and stumbles across a Bigfoot at Salt Fork State Park. The Bigfoot seems to stare right at her before a deer ran in front of him, causing the Bigfoot to chase and kill it.

But what had she really seen? Maybe it was a bear. Who would believe her anyway?

Then there was this big, incredibly good-looking guy at school the next day. He gazed at her and smiled--and for some reason made her remember how that Bigfoot had stared at her. This guy scared her too. He made her nervous with his sexy good looks and piercing eyes, and especially when he asked her out. No way was she ready for a guy like this. Should she stay away from him and be the shy, lonely girl she'd become since her mother's death, or take a chance?

Jake's family is worried. The human girl saw him. Will she tell and force them to leave? Jake needs to get close to her and find out what she saw so he can convince her she's wrong. But can he deny the attraction he feels for her? While making sure his family is safe, can he also keep her safe, from himself?

Product Details ISBN: 9781944056544
ISBN-10: 1944056548
Publisher: Tell-Tale Publishing Group, LLC
Publication Date: February 14th, 2018
Pages: 362
Language: English