The Hair Salon: An Erotic Adventure (Paperback)

The Hair Salon: An Erotic Adventure By Victoria Rush Cover Image

The Hair Salon: An Erotic Adventure (Paperback)


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Who knew getting your hair styled could be this much fun?

After Jade spends two boring hours in a beauty salon waiting for her hair color to set, she hatches an idea. With the initial shampoo and head massage being such a sensual experience, why couldn't the salon find a way to make the rest of the experience just as stimulating?

When she mentions the idea to her stylist, they begin to craft a plan for making her next stay more invigorating. On her subsequent visit, she watches excitedly as the client next to her squirms and moans in her chair.

Eager to try it out for herself, when the woman finishes her treatment, Jade takes her turn in the chair and is delighted to find a new set of controls on the armrests for stimulating her lower extremities.

But it's not until her next visit when Jade finds the entire lineup of women grunting and squealing in their chairs, that she begins to appreciate just how far her salon has taken the concept of personal revitalization...

Product Details ISBN: 9781990118678
ISBN-10: 1990118674
Publisher: Victoria Rush
Publication Date: November 9th, 2021
Pages: 50
Language: English