Sunny Saturday

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Image of Elizabeth GraverWhat a gorgeous spring day in beautiful downtown Kennesaw.  Yes, Kennesaw because I am stuck at home with a yukky cold!  No matter, I have retreated to the porch chaise lounge in the sun, to read, of course.  Today’s offering is a novel by an author I’ve never read, Elizabeth Graver.  The novel “End of the Point” is her 4th novel and I wonder why I’ve missed her thus far.  I rather pride myself on being up to date on most authors but Elizabeth’s work has eluded me until now.  I like to know about an author once I start a book, so I’ve been on her website and looked at her other work.  Gorgeous covers and titles!  And whoever said that you don’t judge a book by its cover??!!!  Who are they kidding??  I DO.  🙂  just sos you know.

This is a character driven, sweeping family novel but I can’t say much more because I’ve thus only dipped my toes in to the “End of the Point.”  I will say the writing is exquisite, I find myself wanting to read passages out loud just to hear the beauty of the language but my raspy voice doesn’t do much for it right now.  So, off with my pot of tea and book.  If you’ve read anything by this author, holler back and let me know!



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