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Since Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Graduation are coming up soon, here’s my list of can’t go wrong gifts available now at your favorite indie, FoxTale!





Sorted Books by Nina Katchadourian, Brian Dillon

For:  Bibliophiles!

Why I’d want it: Book lovers love books about books and this one delivers in a most unusual way.  The physical book is an art form and the arranging of titles

makes for an amusing afternoon walk through bookshelves, titles speaking for themselves in clever and often hilarious ways.  This book honors the written word, the physical book in this age of electronics and celebrates its many art forms.  This is a book I’d pick up again and again for the joy of its pages while it calls me to arrange my own bookshelves in creative ways.  Great conversation piece!


Alphabet by Kveta Pacovska

For: Art lovers

Why I’d want it:  Pacovska is a celebrated contemporary artist who received the Hans Christian Andersen award for her lifetime achievement in art for young people. “Alphabet” is a multidimensional journey through the ABC’s with windows, textures and pop ups.  It’s a delight to the eye and imagination, perfect for any age who appreciates fine art and whimsy.  To have a book by Kveta Pacovska at this price is astounding.  Her books sell in museum stores for much more.  Take home work by a celebrated artist at an affordable price!



Art of the Heart by Mary Emmerling

For: Art and Design Freaks

Why I’d want it:  Mary Emmerling is well known among décor enthusiasts, I’ve followed her work for years.  She is a master of arranging and finding unusual objects.  I love sitting with a cuppa tea and any book by Mary Emmerling.  Eye candy for the soul.



Birds and Blooms of the 50 States by Anna Branning and Mary Murphy

For: Birders, Gardeners, Artists and U.S. History fans

Why I’d want it:  I’m a novice birdwatcher and love being able to identify the birds that come to my feeder.  Increasing my knowledge by knowing what birds are native to what state and why is right up my alley.  The birds and blooms are arranged in vintage-style compositions beautifully rendered.  A gift book sure to please.


Bird Watching and Other Nature Observations Journal

For: Birders and Nature Enthusiasts

Why I’d want it: Perfect companion to Birds and Blooms for the birdwatcher.  Plenty of room for personal bird watching observations with quotes scattered throughout. I love quotes!  End section has lots of information on honing your bird watching skills as well as further reading on the subject. I can never have too many journals for every imaginable reason and this baby blue baby is deevine.


You’re Only Human: A Guide to Life by The Gecko

For: Graduates, Father’s Day, Those easily amused

Why I’d want it:  Who doesn’t love the Gecko?  And now he’s writing books.  What a cute little fella! This is his humorous take on life.  I gotta hand it to him, he’s got a lot of wisdom crammed between the covers and a lot of laughter to make it go down easy.  Ease the day away, take a break from the rat race, and love your Gecko!  Great with a cold beer or iced tea.


Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Pirsig

For: Guy Graduates, Father’s Day

Why I’d want it:  It’s a modern classic, told by a father to his son on a summer roadtrip.  The work on the motorcycle asks and answers the great life questions that are a part of all of us.  A book to be read again and again.  Great travel writing is an extra plus.  Give it to the men in your life.  They’ll get it…