On blogging….

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Maybe I’ve looked at too many young mother yuppie California girl blogs or maybe it’s just cynical Sunday and I’m still stuck with this nasty cold but this blog is on the self centeredness of blogging, she says as she spouts off on her own blog….  But really, how many people really CARE about photos of YOU and your endless prattle about what YOU and your children are doing every minute of the freakin’ day?!

Just this morning I happened upon a blog where the mother hired a professional photographer to come photograph her with her shirt unbuttoned down to her waist with her blonde hair blowing in the breeze and then a double photo shoot with her teenage daughter where they both wore short shorts and cowboy boots.  PULEEZE… I mean, IS THERE A POINT TO THIS?  Because, for me, I could care less about it all… Which may lead you to ask, why are you writing on your OWN blog?  Great question!  Because Val and Ellen told me to?  Because I want to see if anybody at all reads it?  Because it’s social media and the thing to do in the new millennium?  All of the above?  Maybe I’ll just add some photos of ME or my GRANDCHILDREN or of my CAT.  Like anybody really cares?  This blog, Elly, is for you.  Because you find me amusing when I’m snarky…