You’re invited to CAMP REDEMPTION

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I finished Ray Atkin’s “Camp Redemption” yesterday.  I hated to.  Finish it, that is.  After beginning the book late Sunday, I took it with me everywhere, reading in clandestine places when I had a spare moment and reading it aloud to anyone who would listen. Those who did, laughed out loud with me and I sold one right on my porch after reading a passage to a friend.  🙂

This book was rich in character and place as true Southern writing is.  You’ve never been to a camp like Camp Redemption.  But you DO want to go and hang out with Early and Ivey and their ragtag band of campers…  You’ll find yourself there, in one of them.  Fully flawed humans shuffling along on the road to grace.  God indeed works in mischievous ways, just walk the path with Early for a while and you’ll agree. 

Don’t even wait, RUN TO FOXTALE THIS SATURDAY AT 1PM  and meet the creator of this one of a kind storytelling.  If you can wait that long.  Until then, I’ll be hanging out at the lake with Early’s Dr. Grabow, waiting for you.