Time Flies by Claire Cook

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TIME FLIES by Claire Cook

Time does fly when you’re reading Claire Cook, my go-to author for the perfect romantic comedy escape novel. Her latest, TIME FLIES, had me completely caught up in the journey of Melanie and B.J. as they returned for their high school reunion with a few hilarious stops along the way. But don’t let Claire Cook’s humorous style fool you. She is one heck of a writer with pitch perfect comedic timing and plenty of heart. (No wonder MUST LOVE DOGS was so easily adapted to the big screen!) Marital struggles, mental health issues, plastic surgery, later-in-life romance, sibling rivalry, even tattoos and autism, were themes seamlessly (and tastefully) interwoven into this story that’s all about women coming into their own and following their passions, regardless of age. Cook’s writing will either inspire you to set aside the mundane in favor of extravagant adventure, or it will reinforce that you are reaching deep within and discovering each day the person you’re meant to be. Trust your instincts, women everywhere, and read TIME FLIES.
Ellen Ward, Owner
FoxTale Book Shoppe

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