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Essential Chinese Hot Pot Cookbook: Everything You Need to Enjoy and Entertain at Home

Essential Chinese Hot Pot Cookbook: Everything You Need to Enjoy and Entertain at Home

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Publication Date: November 30th, 2021
Rockridge Press
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Learn how to make and share Chinese hot pot at home

Hot pot is the perfect way to bring friends and family to the table. Together, everyone can share a leisurely meal and cook their own food exactly the way they like it. It's fun to make, easy to customize, and the Essential Chinese Hot Pot Cookbook gives you all the flavorful recipes and simple techniques you need to create a belly-warming hot pot feast at home.

  • Build the basics—Discover recipes for making broth, creating your own add-ins and sauces, and tips for cooking and combining ingredients.
  • Have a hot pot party—Get guidance on hosting hot pot for a group! Learn where to find ingredients, how much to buy for each person, how to set up your tables, and some helpful hot pot etiquette.
  • Take a culinary journey—Explore flavors from different regions of China with options for using traditional ingredients, or everyday ingredients from any conventional grocery store.

Enjoy Chinese hot pot anytime with a cookbook that walks you through every step.

About the Author

JEFF MAO (毛念宗) has been preparing Chinese food with his family since he was a child. His earliest cooking memories date back to the early 1970s, cutting and rolling Mandarin pancakes and filling and folding dumplings. He has been an educator his entire professional career, but cooking has always remained a passion. Now an education technology consultant, Mao also teaches cooking classes online. You can find him at and

Praise for Essential Chinese Hot Pot Cookbook: Everything You Need to Enjoy and Entertain at Home

"Jeff Mao's Essential Chinese Hot Pot Cookbook reflects his knowledge and appreciation of hot pot's combination of broth, ingredients, and sauces. He relates how sharing hot pot connects him with family, friends, and culture. This book is more than just an introduction to hot pot; Jeff has considerable depth as an educator. While he expertly explains creating hot pot recipes, Jeff shares many interesting cultural and historic aspects behind the recipes. You'll learn hot pot and much more from Jeff Mao!" —Chris Toy, cookbook author and instructor at Stonewall Kitchen Cooking School

"This book is beautiful and filled with easy-to-follow recipes and colorfully poignant notes on the ingredients, necessary equipment, and culinary history. I have prepared its dishes for personal gatherings and catered events, and used them in my kids' cooking classes. The book is comprehensive, and more importantly, clear and approachable, with basic lists of necessary tools and a wealth of ingredients and tricks of the trade. This is a great resource and a go-to in my library. It's also pleasant and amusing to look at and read, highly recommended as a gift, and as a focus of a fun gathering of family and friends." —Jake Reichart, chef, caterer, and kids culinary instructor

"Jeff Mao is a fantastic guide to the tradition and practice of Chinese hot pot, in all its variations and regional specialties, from broths to dipping sauces, vegetables to dumplings, and the basics of ingredients and equipment as well. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced hot pot aficionado, with this book you'll soon be gathering family and friends for a meal that is steamy and satisfying, both dinner and also a party." —Tara Austen Weaver, author of Orchard House and The Butcher & The Vegetarian

"Fantastic hot pot resource for the expert or novice slurper! This book gives you all the tools you need to make delicious and authentic hot pot at home. From simple to more complex, you can dip your toe in or dive in headfirst. Whether you're vegan or a meat-eater, Jeff guides you 'soup to nuts' through the process of putting together all the pieces for delicious hot pot to enjoy with your friends and family!" —Chris Micsak, The Noodist, Licensed Hand-Pulled (??) Noodle Chef and Consultant