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Hours and Directions


Monday - Friday 10-5

Saturday 10-5

Sunday 12-5

Hours subject to change.


We are conveniently located at 105 E Main Street Suite 138, Woodstock, GA 30188, adjacent to the Woodstock City Park Gazebo.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to be your favorite independent bookstore; a welcoming, warm, and beautiful community gathering place for all ages, where we match books to the individual reader and encourage expression of ideas in a safe atmosphere.


Values Statement

FoxTale is committed to offering a diverse selection of literature to all readers.

We do not support book banning of any kind. 

We respect people and their ability to choose for themselves what they read.

We are an eclectic team who love books and sharing that passion with our customers and our community.

We treat each other with respect, regardless of differences and expect the customer to do the same in our store.

We believe there is a book for every reader.

We support writers, authors and readers by hosting writing classes, author events, children’s activities, book clubs, art shows and other special events. 

We are resourceful and creative, and our store reflects that aesthetically and in the unseen mood of the store.

We know that customers are the reason we are here.  Without the support of loyal customers, we wouldn’t be here today.

We are committed to an open and safe place for people to gather and discuss ideas, and that it is vital to our community.


Statement of Inclusion and Diversity – FoxTale Book Shoppe

We believe all people have a right to express their ideas and opinions without fear of reprisal regardless of race, sexual orientation, political beliefs, or socioeconomic status.  

We do not tolerate belittling, character attacks, body comments or abuse of any kind.

We respect physical and emotional boundaries.  There will be no verbal or physical threats in our store.

We respect the author’s right to publish their work regardless of political leanings.  We believe in everyone having a voice, even if it does not agree with our own.

We believe in offering diverse books so readers can make choices for themselves.

We believe our bookstore reflects what our readers and community want, not our personal agendas.