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Dorothea Benton Frank Luncheon
Wednesday, May 23 at 12:00pm
at MadLife Stage & Studios, 8722 Main Street, Woodstock, GA 30188

We’re thrilled to welcome back NYT bestselling author and Fox FavoriteDorothea Benton Frank to Downtown Woodstock! Join us for lunch with Dottie at MadLife Stage & Studios. Each attendee will get lunch and a signed hardcover copy of Dottie’s new book, BY INVITATION ONLY. Cost: $60.00

You can reserve your seat online, by stopping in to FoxTale or by calling us at 770-516-9989.



Eddie Hernandez & Susan Puckett, Turnip Greens & Tortillas
Thursday, May 24 at 6:30pm

Chef Eddie Hernandez joins us along with co-author Susan Puckett! Susan will interview Eddie and then take questions from the audience, sign books, take pictures and all that good stuff! 

Southern fare with a Mexican flair, by the chef/co-owner of the restaurant empire that Bon Appétit called a “Top American Restaurant”

USA Today called Taqueria del Sol “a runaway success.” Bon Appétit wrote: “Move over, Chipotle!” The fast-casual food of Eddie Hernandez, the James Beard-nominated chef/co-owner of the restaurant, lands on the commonalities of Southern and Mexican food, with dishes like Memphis barbecue pork tacos, chicken pot pie served in a “bowl” of a puffed tortilla, turnip greens in “pot likker” spiked with chiles, or the “Eddie Palmer,” sweet tea with a jab of tequila. Eddie never hesitates to break with purists to make food taste better, adding sugar to creamy grits to balance the jalapeños, or substituting tomatillos in fried green tomatoes for a more delicate texture. Throughout, “Eddie’s Way” sidebars show how to make each dish even more special.



Jenny Milchman, Wicked River
Saturday, May 26 at 2:00pm

Fox favorite and bestselling author Jenny Milchman is back with WICKED RIVER and we couldn’t be more thrilled. KFox has already devoured it and loved her brand new novel.

Six million acres of Adirondack forest separate Natalie and Doug Larson from civilization. For the newlyweds, an isolated, back country honeymoon seems ideal: a chance to start their lives together with an adventure, on their own. But just as Natalie and Doug begin to explore the dark interiors of their own hearts, as well as the depths of their love for each other, it becomes clear that they are not alone in the woods.

Because six million acres makes it easy for the wicked to hide. And even easier for someone to go missing for good.

As they struggle with the worst the wilderness has to offer, a man watches them, wielding the forest like a weapon. He wants something from them more terrifying than death. And once they are near his domain, he will do everything in his power to make sure they never walk out again.



Mary Alice Monroe, Beach House Reunion
Saturday, June 2 at 2:00pm

One of our longtime favorites, Mary Alice Monroe, is back with BEACH HOUSE REUNION.






Mary Kay Andrews, The High Tide Club
Monday, June 4 at 6:30pm

We love when Mary Kay Andrews comes to FoxTale and we are so excited to share THE HIGH TIDE CLUB with you all! This is Mary Kay Andrews at her Queen of the Beach Reads best: a story shrouded in mystery, Spanish moss, verandah cocktails, 1940s dinner dances, love lost, and possibly…love found.

The event is free to attend. Purchase of THE HIGH TIDE CLUB from FoxTale is required to earn a place on the signing line.



Karen White, Dreams of Falling Book Launch
Tuesday, June 5 at 6:30pm

New York Times bestselling author Karen White crafts evocative relationships in this new contemporary women’s fiction novel about best friends who share a devastating secret, set in the Lowcountry of South Carollina.





Minnie the Sassy Chick Story Time with Cindy Shirley
Saturday, June 9 at 11:00am

Author Cindy Shirley returns to FoxTale for a special story time sharing her latest children’s book, The Fabulous Life of Minnie the Sassy Chick: Minnie’s Sassy Birthday. 

Story, Giveaways and lots of fun! Books will be available for purchase. Free event!


Ricki Schultz, Switch and Bait Book Launch
Tuesday, June 12 at 6:30pm

We’re excited to help Ricki Schultz launch her newest novel, Switch and Bait!!

Ricki Schultz‘s trademark irreverent humor and wry insight into the absurdities of modern dating are both outrageously funny and genuinely moving in her unforgettable new novel.


Susan Boyer, A Lowcountry Mystery
Saturday, June 16 at 2:00pm

We’re pleased to welcome back award-winning author Susan M. Boyer with her latest Lowcountry Mystery! More details to come!





Wendy Wax, Best Beach Ever
Tuesday, June 19 at 6:30pm

It wouldn’t be summer without a new novel from Wendy Wax! Join Wendy as she discusses BEST BEACH EVER followed by a book signing, of course!

Hoping for smooth sailing the ladies of Ten Beach Road confront choppy seas…

Forced to rent out or lose their beloved Bella Flora after the loss of their renovation-turned-reality-TV show Do Over, Maddie, Nikki, Avery, Kyra, and Bitsy move into cottages at the Sunshine Hotel and Beach Club believing the worst is over. Only to discover just how uncertain their futures really are. 

Maddie struggles with the challenges of dating a rock star whose career has come roaring back to life while Nikki faces the daunting realities of mothering twins at forty-seven. Avery buries herself in a tiny home build in an attempt to dodge commitment issues, and Kyra battles to protect her son from the Hollywood world she once dreamed of joining. And Bitsy is about to find out whether the rewards of seeking revenge will outweigh the risks. 

Luckily, when the going gets tough, the ladies of Ten Beach Road know that their friendship–tried and tested–can chase away the darkest clouds and let the sun shine in…


Tinkerbell Story Time and Meet & Greet
Saturday, June 23 at 11:00am

We’re excited to welcome Tinkerbell to FoxTale Book Shoppe! Tink will read a story and will meet and greet guests as well as pose for pictures. Free to attend. Book purchase appreciated.



Kimberly Belle, Three Days Missing launch party
Thursday, June 28 at 7:00pm

Come celebrate the launch of my next suspense novel, Three Days Missing.







Barbara Davis, When Never Comes
Monday, July 2 at 6:30pm

Barbara Davis, author of women’s fiction deftly explores an emotionally charged landscape of pain, loss, and despair—and the risk one woman will take in the hope of loving again.

As a teenage runaway and child of an addict, Christy-Lynn learned the hard way that no address was permanent, and no promise sacred. For a while, she found a safe haven in her marriage to bestselling crime novelist Stephen Ludlow—until his car skidded into Echo Bay. But Stephen’s wasn’t the only body pulled from the icy waters that night. When details about a mysterious violet-eyed blonde become public, a media circus ensues, and Christy-Lynn runs again.

Desperate for answers, she’s shattered to learn that Stephen and his mistress had a child—a little girl named Iris, who now lives in poverty with her ailing great-grandmother. The thought of Iris abandoned to the foster care system—as Christy-Lynn once was—is unbearable. But she’s spent her whole life running—determined never to be hurt again. Will she finally stand still long enough to open herself up to forgiveness and love?



Susan Crandall with special guest Karen White
Wednesday, July 11 at 6:30pm

We always look forward to Susan Crandall – Author visiting FoxTale Book Shoppe. Did you know she is one of the few authors we always stock year-round? Susan will be introduced by her friend and longtime critique partner, the fab Karen White.

From the national bestselling author of Whistling Past the Graveyard comes THE MYTH OF PERPETUAL SUMMER, a moving coming-of-age tale set in the tumultuous sixties that harkens to both Ordinary Grace and The Secret Life of Bees.

Tallulah James’s parents’ volatile relationship, erratic behavior, and hands-off approach to child rearing set tongues to wagging in their staid Mississippi town, complicating her already uncertain life. She takes the responsibility of shielding her family’s reputation and raising her younger twin siblings onto her youthful shoulders.

If not for the emotional constants of her older brother, Griff, and her old guard Southern grandmother, she would be lost. When betrayal and death arrive hand in hand, she takes to the road, headed to what turns out to be the not-so-promised land of Southern California. The dysfunction of her childhood still echoes throughout her scattered family, sending her brother on a disastrous path and drawing her home again. There she uncovers the secrets and lies that set her family on the road to destruction.



Delilah Dawson & Kevin Hearne, Kill the Farm Boy
Wednesday, July 25 at 6:30pm

Two of our favorites are back and they’ve written a book together! Excited to have Delilah S. Dawson, Author and Kevin Hearne back in the fox den with KILL THE FARM BOY!

In an irreverent new series in the tradition of Terry Pratchett and Monty Python, the New York Times bestselling authors of the Iron Druid Chronicles and Star Wars: Phasma reinvent fantasy, fairy tales, and floridly written feast scenes.

Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom, a hero, the Chosen One, was born . . . and so begins every fairy tale ever told.

This is not that fairy tale.

There is a Chosen One, but he is unlike any One who has ever been Chosened.

And there is a faraway kingdom, but you have never been to a magical world quite like the land of Pell.

There, a plucky farm boy will find more than he’s bargained for on his quest to awaken the sleeping princess in her cursed tower. First there’s the Dark Lord, who wishes for the boy’s untimely death . . . and also very fine cheese. Then there’s a bard without a song in her heart but with a very adorable and fuzzy tail, an assassin who fears not the night but is terrified of chickens, and a mighty fighter more frightened of her sword than of her chain-mail bikini. This journey will lead to sinister umlauts, a trash-talking goat, the Dread Necromancer Steve, and a strange and wondrous journey to the most peculiar “happily ever after” that ever once-upon-a-timed.

**The event is free to attend. Purchase of KILL THE FARM BOY from FoxTale is required to join the signing line. Pre-ordering is highly recommended.**



Lisa Stauffer, Two by Two Story Time & Book Launch
Saturday, August 4 at 11:00am

With a rollicking rhyme from author Lisa Lowe Stauffer and engaging illustrations by Angelika Scudamore, this padded board book will soon become a favorite for bedtime and anytime.

Join in as the animals rock the boat on Noah’s Ark in Two by Two! This playful, rhyming story is sure to have little ones laughing and dancing along as two mischievous monkeys let loose the zoo aboard the ship. From anaconda limbo to penguin tap dances, the monkeys revel their way through the rain, making Two by Two a lyrical treat for the whole family to enjoy.



Kristan Higgins, Good Luck with That
Saturday, August 11 at 2:00pm

We’re excited to welcome Kristan Higgins Books to FoxTale this summer!

New York Times bestselling author Kristan Higgins is beloved for her heartfelt novels filled with humor and wisdom. Now, in her newest novel, GOOD LUCK WITH THAT, she tackles an issue every woman deals with: body image and self-acceptance.

Emerson, Georgia, and Marley have been best friends ever since they met at a weight-loss camp as teens. When Emerson tragically passes away, she leaves one final wish for her best friends: to conquer the fears they still carry as adults. 

For each of them, that means something different. For Marley, it’s coming to terms with the survivor’s guilt she’s carried around since her twin sister’s death, which has left her blind to the real chance for romance in her life. For Georgia, it’s about learning to stop trying to live up to her mother’s and brother’s ridiculous standards, and learning to accept the love her ex-husband has tried to give her. 

But as Marley and Georgia grow stronger, the real meaning of Emerson’s dying wish becomes truly clear: more than anything, she wanted her friends to love themselves. 

A novel of compassion and insight, GOOD LUCK WITH THAT tells the story of two women who learn to embrace themselves just the way they are.



Story Time with Shelli Johannes, Cece Loves Science
Saturday, August 18 at 11:00am

Join author Shelli R. Johannes for a special story time where she will be reading and signing her new picture book, Cece Loves Science!



M.J. Pullen & Ricki Schultz
Saturday, August 18 at 2:00pm

Laughs will be had as we welcome two bestselling authors of contemporary women’s fiction, M.J. Pullen and Ricki Schultz to the fox den. 

M.J.’s latest novel is SUGAR STREET and Ricki’s latest is SWITCH AND BAIT. Books will be available at the event for purchase and to those who cannot make it, we do ship.


Lisa Patton, Rush
Saturday, August 25 at 2:00pm

We love Lisa Patton and are thrilled she is coming to FoxTale with her new novel. Achingly poignant, yet laugh-out-loud funny, RUSH takes a sharp nuanced look at a centuries-old tradition while exploring the complex, intimate relationships between mothers and daughters and female friends. Brimming with heart and hope for a better tomorrow, RUSH is an uplifting novel universal to us all.

“Lisa Patton’s characteristic wit and sass along with richly drawn and authentically Southern characters are brilliantly showcased in RUSH. Patton places a magnifying glass over the glorified institution of sorority rush in the South, giving the reader an enlightening and lively look at all the goings-on, highlighting the good and the not-so-good aspects of Greek life. Part social commentary on race and economic differences, and part heartwarming and hear-tugging family drama, RUSH is ultimately a story about finding one’s personal source of strength to fight the status quo, and about finding forgiveness in the most unexpected places. A fun and invigorating read–I highly recommend!” ~ Karen White, New York Times bestselling author of Dreams of Falling

“There’s not a better Southern author writing today than Lisa Patton. Her delightful new book is a modern look at what is perhaps the most sacred of all Southern rituals: sorority rush at The University of Mississippi, ‘Ole Miss.’ And happily for us, Miss Patton captures to absolute perfection the hilarity, hysteria, and heartbreak of it all. Funny, touching, and full of twists and turns. I couldn’t have loved it more.”~ Fannie Flagg, New York Times bestselling author of Daisy Fay and the Miracle Man, Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café, and The Whole Town’s Talking


Raymond Atkins, Set List Book Launch
Saturday, September 22 at 2:00pm

One of our Fox Favorites, Raymond L. Atkins, is back with his latest novel, SET LIST. We’re excited to help launch this new novel.

Book cover and description to come. You can’t go wrong with a Ray Atkins book, y’all!



Story Time – Baby’s Firsts with Nancy Day
Saturday, September 29 at 11:00am

Join Nancy Raines Day for a special story time where she will debut her latest picture book, BABY’S FIRSTS!

Endearing rhyming text highlights the developmental milestones babies encounter before their first birthday–crying, smiling, eating, teething, rolling, crawling, walking, and talking.

Join the celebration as three babies, encouraged by their families, grow more and more active, culminating in a birthday celebration for all the kids.



Patti Callahan Luncheon, Becoming Mrs. Lewis
Tuesday, October 2 at 12:00pm

Save the Date for lunch with Patti Callahan Henry – Patti Callahan! Details to come as we get closer to what will be a fabulous event discussing BECOMING MRS. LEWIS!





Sally Kilpatrick, Oh My Stars
Tuesday, October 2 at 6:30pm

It’s always great fun celebrating a new Sally Kilpatrick novel! Join us in celebrating the launch of OH MY STARS.

A heartwarming, hilarious Christmas story with a Southern twist.

Like most things in Ellery, Tennessee, this year’s Drive Thru Nativity is a little unconventional. The Dollar General parking lot doubles as a Bethlehem stable, and widowed writer Ivy Long, who’s been roped into playing Mary, sure as heck isn’t a virgin. But then comes an unexpected development: a genuine, real-life baby left in the manger, with only a brief note. And somehow, in the kerfuffle that follows, Ivy finds her life is about to 

change . . .

The holidays are a bittersweet time for Ivy—filled with memories of her beloved late husband and reminders that life doesn’t always offer the happily-ever-afters her readers expect. So when Ivy ends up with custody of the baby, she can only chalk it up to a Christmas miracle. She doesn’t know if it will be forever, but with help from family, she’ll make little Zuzu’s first Christmas a good one. The nativity’s Joseph, aka Gabe Ledbetter, has a pediatrics background that’s coming in mighty handy. In turn, Ivy is helping Gabe find his place in the quirky community. If that place turns out to be somewhere near Ivy, well, maybe this particular Christmas story will turn out to be merry and bright after all . . .



Roger Johns, River of Secrets
Saturday, October 6 at 2:00pm

We’re excited to welcome Roger Johns back to FoxTale with his second novel of suspense! 

When a controversial politician is murdered in cold blood, Baton Rouge Police Detective Wallace Hartman struggles to find the killer amid conspiracies and corruption in River of Secrets, a gripping new mystery from Roger Johns.

Herbert Marioneaux, a Louisiana state senator infamous for changing his mind on hot-button issues, has been murdered in cold blood, his body posed to send a message. Now, Wallace Hartman has to figure out who’s sending that message. DNA evidence points to one man: Eddie Pitkin, a political activist who also happens to be the half-brother of Wallace’s childhood best friend. Murder seems like a leap for Eddie, who’s usual MO is posting viral videos of himself confronting politicians and religious leaders, but the evidence is strong, and Wallace makes the arrest.

With the media in an uproar and supporters of Eddie’s protesting outside the police department, Wallace is charged with keeping all information about the investigation as tightly held as possible. But when it seems that someone inside the department is leaking information, and leaving threatening messages for Wallace’s loved ones, is there anyone left she can trust?