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Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows

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Publication Date: November 26th, 2019
Erica Quenneville


Dark Shadows is set in a world that unknowingly allows paranormal creatures to intermingle in human society. The book follows Roselyn "Rose" Parker during her late teenage years as she struggles to understand the strange, the abnormal, and the unexplainable events happening to her. Rose lost her parents at the tender age of one leaving her in the care of her paranoid and overprotective older brother Alex. Their relationship is rocky but all they have left is each other. With the help of her best friends Morgan and Hannah and new friend Tyler, Rose's life has become better than she ever expected. When the charming and sexy new guy Caleb shows a special interest in her, her senior year promises to be full of new experiences but not the kind she expects. Rose begins to discover that there are some dark secrets in her life with the help of Caleb and his friends Xander and Jason. What she doesn't realize is just how dangerous these secrets are. She starts to suspect that her brother Alex and best friend Morgan are keeping things from her, which leads her to bring Caleb and his friends closer in her life. With Alex and Morgan suspicious of Caleb and his friends, Rose is forced to choose between what she knows and what she feels is right. The situation becomes harder when Morgan confesses to having feelings for Rose, and when Hannah disappears things go from bad to worse. Can Rose forgive Alex and Morgan for being so secretive? Will she choose the boy she grew up with or the boy who found her?